JSK - Collection & H.G.Winkler Art Collection


for five Generations we have been designing and crafting Jewelry and watches for our customers. As early as 1890 the founder of our Company received the patent of the Emperor No. 52933 to manufacture an alarm clock with electrical ringer. What was an breath taking novelty at the time has become a comfort we take for granted today.  According to our motto "If you love the special things, we have to offer you a lot" we manufacture in our master workshops pieces of art of rare beauty:

Our worldwide exclusive licensed watches with the "Sky disc of Nebra", limited artist watches, the pendants and broches of the excclusive H.G.Winkler-Collection and all the other pieces of jewelry and watches under the brand name of  JSK-Collection. They all have one thing in common: the highest Quality  „Made in Germany“.

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